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October Meeting 2020

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Rich Valley Township

Regular Meeting

October 14, 2020

Participants:  Tom Radtke, Mark Reinert, John Mohr, Fay Bruckschen,  ReNay Lentsch, Bailey Nordman

John Mohr opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the September meeting.  Mark Reinert motioned to approve, Tom Radtke second the motion.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gehlen approached the board seeking CUP approval for building a new house.  Mark Reinert motioned to approve CUP, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Representatives from Waste Management were present, Blair Nelson, Spruce Ridge Manager, Mike Miller, Senior District Manager, Terry Johnson.  Mr. Nelson informed the board of the 111 acres permitted for C/D Industrial and wanted to inform the board that they will be seeking to repermit this area to accept MSW waste.  The height would match what the MSW current height is.  The board reviewed photos of the proposed buildout and how the development would impact the proposed area.  The next steps would be to get an environmental statement from the MPCA.  Also noted during discussion was that if the conversion goes through the MSW area will need to be engineered for gas collection.  Mr. Johnson explained the process that would take place after the enviromental review.

Theresa Rusten informed the board of the response received from the board’s 4% increase proposal versus the 5% increase proposed by Waste Management.  John Mohr motioned to extend our contract for 2 years using WM’s 2021 & 2022 rates, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.  Theresa Rusten will contact Jason Hartman.

Theresa Rusten brought a proposal from Victor’s PC Solutions for 2 computers/software for$2605.21.  Tom Radtke motioned to approve, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

McLeod County 4H Program is seeking sponsorship for the annual awards celebration.  John Mohr motioned to donate $250.00 towards the celebration event,  Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Theresa Rusten presented a Resolution 1020 Designation of Polling Place for voting in 2021 to be the township hall located at 12543 Ideal Ave, Glencoe MN.  Motion made by approve resolution 1020,  Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Mark Reinert stopped by Adam Revier’s place to discuss the culvert situation.  Since he is in the process of building a new house he is not pursuing culvert replacement at this time.

Culvert placement protocol has been tabled.

The board discussed ditch cutting.  John Mohr will be contacting Chad Bandas to do ditch cutting.  

Blading will be done as weather permits.

Chad Bandas submitted a bid for snow removal.  Hall =$38.00 each time.  $66.00 per hour for cartways.  John Mohr motioned to approve the snow removal bid, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

John Mohr informed the board that they do not have drivers available for snow removal.  Our contract expires 12/31/20 with WM Mueller & Sons.  John Mohr contracted CCC? from Arlington for snow removal.  Theresa Rusten will place quote notices in McLeod Chronicle and the Hutchinson Leader.  The board will also be reaching to reaching to contractors for interest.

Faye Bruckschen presented the Sept. month end financial report.  Tom Radtke motioned to approve, Mark Reinert second.  Motion unanimous.

Faye Bruckschen presented some CD quotes.  

The board discussed modifying the security light that is on the south east side of the building to shine on the flag at night.

Tom Radtke motioned to approve to pay October claims,  Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Motion made by Tom Radtke to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.