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Special Meeting – April 22nd, 2021

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Rich Valley Township

Special Meeting – Gravel Bid

April 22, 2021

Participants:  Roger Schmidt, Mark Reinert, Bailey Nordmann, Theresa Rusten,

Roger Schmidt opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.  

The board reviewed the gravel bids received by Molnau and Hansen Gravel.

Molnau bid $12.74 per cubic yard, Hansen bid $14.68 per cubic yard.  John Mohr mentioned he did get a couple load from Meeker Sand and Gravel and found the quality to be good. 

Mark Reinert motioned to approve the bid from Molnau, John Mohr motioned to second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Mark Reinert will contact Molnau to let them know they have the bid.

Motion made by John Mohr to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 PM, motion made by Mark Reinert to second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

2020 April Special Meeting

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Rich Valley Township

Special Meeting


Participants:  John Mohr, Theresa Rusten, Mark Reinert, Tom Radtke

John Mohr opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.

2020 Mail in Ballot 

The board discussed the mail in ballet.

Tom Radtke motioned to approve the resolution 0420 authorizing the township to conduct their 2020 elections by mail ballot,  Mark Reinert second.  John Mohr opposed.  Motion carried.


Tom Radtke reviewed the culvert situation in the township.  He provided a quote from Hansen Gravel for these locations:

  • 7162 170 16×30 culvert w/aprons $1100
  • 170th & Ideal 16×43 culvert w/o aprons, rocks on ends $1600
  • 170th & Lace 16×45 culvert w/aprons, place rocks on ends $1700
  • 12769 180   16×30 Culvert w/ aprons – $1100
  • 14267 Koala 16×40 culvert w/aprons, dig out ditch 15ft north side of road, both sides of culvert, place rock on end – $1900

Estimates include removal and disposal of existing culverts.  These do not include culvert/material costs.

Mark Reinert motioned to approve to accept the above culvert installation/replacement quote.  John Mohr second.  Motion unanimous/carried.

John Mohr brought up some dips on 170th   that he repaired. 

John Mohr brought up some calls from residents on 130th.  He stated that he looked at the area and said it is really heaving up.  He stated that the roads will be getting bladed starting on 4/29.  He feels the road needs to be dug out.  He feels he would like to meet with Glencoe Township to discuss repair options.

The board also discussed the situation on 160th by Shultz’s.  

May Meeting

The board decided to conduct the meeting using social distancing with safe spacing at the township hall.

Motion made by Mark Reinert to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 PM, second by John Mohr.  Motion unanimous.  

May Meeting

2014 June

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Rich Valley Township
Special Meeting – Building/Shed Addition
June 30, 2014
Board Members Present: Rodney Schmidt, Don Lhotka, Bob Novak, Theresa Rusten
Bob Novak opened the meeting at 7:00 PM
Approximately 9 residents were present.
Bob Novak informed the residents that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss shed/building options.
He informed them that right now we are looking for input.
Bob Novak stated that an option size of a shed that we are looking at adding 50×46, keeping it under the 2400 square feet shed so no conditional use permit would be required.
The group discussed the future plans of additional equipment as this should be a factor in the building size and options.
Bob Novak informed those present that the township does now own a tractor and will be adding a mower. Temporarily the tractor is being stored at Mr. Novak’s residence at no cost.
Bob Novak informed the residents of an estimated quote for 50×40, heat, cement & insulated for ~$50,000 and that would not include the cost of land.
Bob Novak also informed the group that we can rent to store the tractor. He said there are options available for this. At this time he does not have any rental quotes to share with the residents.
Options discussed:
• Basic sized ‘shell’ shed to store the tractor on the township property
• Renting Silver Lake’s city shed or other private rental options
• Adding the shed right on to the township building
• Purchasing property to put up a shed
Residents have requested a long range plan with figures. Also are asking for building details as rental costs/locations, maintenance/insurance/security costs for a shed, itemized quotes for a shed along with shed types.
Motion made by Rodney Schmidt to adjourn the meeting, Bob Novak second the motion. Motion carried.