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June 2020

Posted in 2020

Rich Valley Township

Regular Meeting

June 10, 2020

Participants:  Bailey Nordmann, Tom Radtke, John Mohr, Mark Reinert, Faye Bruckschen, ReNay Lentsch

Minutes By:  Theresa Rusten

John Mohr opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

The board reviewed the meeting notes from the May 13 Regular Meeting.  Tom Radtke motioned to approve the meeting notes.  Mark Reinert second the motion

Jodi Sell, Township Assessor was present. Ms. Sell has submitted her letter of resignation as of July 1, 2020.  Mark Reinert motioned to accept her resignation, Tom Radtke second the motion

Ms. Sell introduced Shawn McCoy.  He is also requesting the same rate $7.50 per parcel.  The board discussed some tax assessment questions with Mr. McCoy.   Tom Radtke motioned to hire Shawn McCoy as township assessor, Mark Reinert second.  Motion unanimous.

John Mohr is recommending that the township purchase a new flag 5×8/hardware.  He stated the cost for the flag will be approximately ~$100. Mark Reinert motioned to approve the purchase of a new flag/hardware, John Mohr second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

The board discussed the mail in ballot letter that went to all residents.

Bailey Nordmann explained the township internet usage.

The board discussed burning permits.

The board discussed the 2020 After Prom donation.  Theresa Rusten will compose a letter to have those funds redirected towards the 2021 After Prom committee.

The board discussed the County Ditch 32 notice that came out regarding the repairs that are being planned.  

The board discussed that the McLeod Coop is replacing overhead cables with buried on Ideal, 160th and 170th.

Tom Radtke stated that the culvert projects should get done with in a month. 

Tom Radtke and Mark Reinert looked at Adam Revier’s culvert situation.  John Mohr will look at it also.

Mark Reinert  completed the tree cleaning on 160th Street and felt enough elevation.  The board discussed if the ditch in question is in the road right away.  Tom Radtke was concerned that this is not the township’s responsibility as the location of the clean out is past the power poles, 24 ft from center.  

John Mohr and Mark Reinert feel is in the road right away, 33 ft from center.  The board will review with county if it is within the town’s right away.

John Mohr looked into getting a fuel cartrol card for Silver Lake/Hutch Coop.  

Tom Radtke reported that 4200 yards of gravel have been used up.  He stated that we have 2 miles to do yet.  He stated the bridge out on County Road 11 is causing a lot of extra miles and extra day.  Tom Radtke stated that we will most likely exceed our capacity of 5000 yards.  The board was fine with going over ~600 yards.   John Mohr suggested more loads be added to some areas on 160th.

Tom Radtke stated that they will be blading Friday, June 12 as dust coating is scheduled for Monday, June 15.

John Mohr gave a road report on the roads being used as detours for the bridge being out.  The county also provided dust coating in front of the resident’s property on 160th between Jade and Cty Rd 2.

The board discussed the conditions left by the tile job done by Cecil Martin on 165th.  Mark Renert stated that he contacted Duane Mallak and told him that due to the poor conditions that a load of gravel fill is needed there and that Hansen’s who will be charging him the residential gravel rate for it.  

Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending May, 2020.  Tom Radtke motioned to approve, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

Faye Bruckschen presented interest rates from 3 banks.  John Mohr motioned moving $245,000 into a CD from the General Fund at Home State Bank, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous. 

The board reviewed the claims for June.  John Mohr motioned to pay the claims, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.  

Motion made by Mark Reinert to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 PM,  Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous