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January 2020

Posted in 2020

Rich Valley Township

Regular Meeting

January 8, 2020

Meeting Minutes by: Bailey Nordmann/Theresa Rusten

Board Members Present:  John Mohr, Mark Reinert, Tom Radtke, Theresa Rusten, Faye Bruckschen, Bailey Nordmann, RaNay Lentsch 

John Mohr opened the monthly meeting of January 8, 2020 at 7:03 P.M.

Supervisors changed the road on 160th to 180th street in the minutes from last month. Tom Radtke motioned to approve the minutes. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passes unanimous. 

John Mohr presented the bids for the front entry door from Simonson. 

The bid was on a single entry door and two side lights was $2898.00. 

Another bid for a single entry door 36’’ x 7’ was $1107.98.  

Crow River glass gave the township an estimate at a previous meeting (estimate $450.00/labor included). 

Another estimate was also given on the tile on the ceiling $210.24 for material only. Tom Radtke motioned to go with Crow River Glass. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Mark Reinert motioned to go with a single entry door for $1107.98 after John Mohr calls the insurance for the township hall. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Theresa presented the 2019 profit/loss report draft. Any questions or concerns should be brought up at the February meeting. 

Theresa brought up to get a mailbox outside the township hall, she will bring quotes. 

Board members were reminded that pay claims need to be at the hall by Sat. prior to meeting. 

Retention schedule was approved by the historical society all documents will be processed and disposed of properly by the contract of the retention schedule. 

Waste Management EFT method was discussed. Pay Waste Management by electronic method. Mark Reinert motioned to pass. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimously. 

Presidential Primary set for March 3rd, 2020 7:00am – 8:00pm.

Election judge roster just for the Primary are:

 Theresa Rusten – Head Judge

Tom Radtke

 Sandi Senki

 Faye Bruckschen

 Marion Straechek. 

Mark Reinert motioned to approve election judge roster. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimously. 

Road & Bridge

The Road Agreement between Rich Valley and Glencoe township has been completed. 

Township equipment has been moved from Ardolfs as of 12/28/2019 to Roger Ostlie with rent staying the same at $900.00 per year.

Polifka bid on conbit bill clarification was presented by John Mohr. There was 3 10 yard loads of conbit and 2 10 yard load of crushed concrete that were applied to road rough spots on Garden Ave and 180th street.

Due to very slippery conditions and residents going into the ditches, John Mohr used 6 scoops of his sand and his bobcat to spread on 160th by bridge. 

Mark Reinert motioned to approve the sand reimbursement for John Mohr. John Mohr abstained , Tom Radtke denied motion.  Motion does not pass.  

Distribution of limestone chips was discussed.  Theresa Rusten to contact WM Mueller to discuss where chips get put.

John Mohr will make the call if there is a snow/ice emergency on the township roads to keep the residents safe.  This is in regards to sanding or applying chips to any intersections that need it along with applying to 100 % of the roads.  Mark Reinert motioned to approve. John Mohr seconded. Motion passes unanimously. 

Gravel/Dust Coating bid will be put into the paper in early March. Tom Radtke will be taking care of Dust coating, Mark Reinert will be taking gravel bids. They will present next meeting. 

John Mohr will get a gas card at Silver Lake Cenex, Mark Reinert motioned to get an account at Silver Lake Cenex for the township tractor. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimously. 

Township Finance

Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurers report.  Faye Bruckschen will be bringing interest rate information to revisit the call of our 2nd Wells Fargo bond.

Claims and disbursements were presented. Tom Radtke motioned to pay the bills. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passes unanimously. 

Tom Radtke motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:38pm. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passes unanimously.