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2019 December

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Rich Valley Township

Regular Meeting

December 11, 2019

Meeting Minutes by: Bailey Nordmann

Board Members Present:  John Mohr, Mark Reinert, Tom Radtke, Theresa Rusten, Faye Bruckschen, Bailey Nordmann, RaNay Lentsch 

John Mohr opened the monthly meeting of December 11, 2019 at 7:03 P.M.

John Mohr got an estimate from ABC for the entry door to the township hall at $4168.00 for the door and two side lights. There was no reply from Simonson Lumber. For the two side lights Theresa got a quote from Crow River Glass quote is $296.56 tax/labor $471.19 tempered glass.  Theresa will call crow river glass to see if the glass is insulated. 

Record retention schedule was presented by Theresa for the sorting of the township records for filing and recycling. A form will need to be signed by the supervisors that will be sent to the Minnesota Historical Society. Theresa recited the Record Retention Resolution to the board members. Tom Radtke motioned to incorporate a record retention resolution. Mark Reinert, seconded. Motion passes unanimous. 

2020 Burn permit schedule was decided. 

W-2/ State Form from Schad Lindstrom for employees should be sent. Mark Reinert motioned to pass. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimous. 

Theresa mentioned that two contracts will expire in 2020, Waste Management Garbage/Recycling, and Snow Removal/Grading from WM Muellers. Quotes will be discussed Spring 2020.

Special meeting that was scheduled for November 29th, 2019 that was canceled for Ray Bandas who was going to mow ditches was discussed. A preplan for 2020 was discussed to do a contract with Chad Bandas, who will have Ray as an employee with his insurance, for cutting ditches, and reclaiming gravel from the shoulders of the road. Will be further discussed in spring of 2020. 

Mark Reinert presented quotes from Wuetherich Drainage Inc. for Koala Road pipe replacement for $3,000. Intersection of Ideal and 170th pipe replacement at $3,000. Replacement of pipe west of Kale Ave at $3,000. 180th St. Schultz property additional pipe at $1,500. Optional: Hydroseeding at $1,600. Total of the estimate was $12,100. Will be discussed at a later time. 

Agreement for the division of maintenance responsibilities for a township line road was discussed. 130th street between Falcon Ave and Kale Ave. Rich Valley Township will maintain 130th street between Garden Ave and Imperial Ave. Glencoe Township will maintain 130th street between Falcon Ave and Garden Ave. Also, 130th street between Imperial Ave and Kale Ave. General responsibilities will be for each township; Grading, Graveling, Snow Plowing, Ditch Mowing, Weed Removal, and Sign Replacement. Equal shared expense will be shared between Rich Valley Township and Glencoe Township if major repairs are needed on shared 130th street, A minimum of 2 bids will be required for repairs. 

John Mohr discussed moving the township tractor to a closer location to the township hall. Ardolfs currently store the township tractor at $900 yearly. John Mohr mentioned Roger and Elaine Ostlie has space and willing to store the tractor for the same price. Motion to relocate shed rental Mark Reinert motioned to pass. Tom Radtke seconded. Motion passes unanimous. 

John Mohr will be checking with the Hutch Coop/Cenex in Silver Lake to check our gas card for the tractor. 

Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurers report to the township board. Tom Radtke motioned to pass the treasurer’s reports. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passes unanimous. 

Claims of disbursements was presented to the board by Faye Bruckschen. Tom Radtke motioned to approve claims for payment, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

John Mohr motioned to end the December meeting at 8:43p.m. Mark Reinert seconded. Motion passes unanimous.