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2019 September

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Rich Valley Township

Regular Meeting

September 11,  2019

Minutes Prepared By:  Theresa Rusten

Participants:  Mark Reinert, Tom Radtke, Joh Mohr, Theresa Rusten, Bailey Nordmann, Faye Bruckschen, RaNay Lentsch, Faye Bruckschen

John Mohr opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.

The board reviewed the meeting notes from the August 14 meeting.  Tom Radtke motioned to approve the August minutes and Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

The board welcomed Mark Reinert to the board.

Bailey Nordmann presented a quote from DSL for the entryway which included the bench, shelf overhang with hanger ($1495).  Theresa Rusten brought in a quote from Crow River glass for installing tempered glass around existing glass. Theresa Rusten will follow up with Phil Nowak to look and give a quote on fixing the leaky roof and tile along with a combo quote adding a commercial entry door.

Tom Radtke motioned to approve the entryway DSL quote, Mark Reinert second the quote.

John Mohr will contact Schauer construction for a door quote also.

The board decided to table the contribution request for the donation to the Bohemian National Cemetery.  Tom Radtke motioned to table the contribution donation, Mark Reinert second the motion. Motion unanimous.

The board was informed of the McLeod County Fall meeting on September 23 at 7:30 PM.

The board discussed the burning permit process.

John Mohr stated that he was not able to meet with Ken Polifka on culvert repair on 180th.

John Mohr brought up looking at the ditch by Fritz Schultz.  The board will meet at the site on Saturday 9:00 AM. John Mohr will take notes and the board will review the site discussion at the October 9th Regular Meeting.

Sign inspection has been completed.  John Mohr and Tom Radtke will complete the inspection report by the October meeting and Theresa Rusten will forward to McLeod County. 

The board will be attending the Glencoe Township meeting to discuss the shared road maintenance contract and discussion plan.

John Mohr brought up a big pot hole on 130th.  John Mohr motioned to purchase a load of conbit store at Ardolfs or the corner lot of the hall from Hanson Gravel.  Mark Reinert second the motion. Motion unanimous.

John Mohr stated he checked out the bean damage from weed control on the Dummer property.  He also met with Jim Hlavka to discuss the damage. It was determined that the damage was due to residue from weed control placed on last years crops that caused the problem.  The issue has been resolved.

The board has a $500k bond that got called on Aug. 26 and our Well Fargo representative, Steve Paddock, contacted John Mohr.  We have 30 days to transfer. Faye Bruckschen brought in quotes from the local banks. The current balance is $500,104.63. Mark Reinert motioned to transfer these bond funds to our Security Bank savings acct to establish a 2 yr CD at 2.20%, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

The second bond is going called October 27.  

Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending August 31, 2019.  John Mohr motioned to approve the treasurer’s report.

Tom Radtke motioned to allow Jim Hlavka to complete the weed/brush as needed, Mark Reinert second the motion. Motion unanimous.

Motion made by Mark Reinert to pay the bills, Tom Radtke second.  Motion unanimous.

Mark Reinert motioned to donate $300.00 to 4H, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.

John Mohr motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM, Mark Reinert second the motion.  Motion unanimous.