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2017 December

Posted in 2017

Rich Valley Township
Regular Meeting
December 13, 2017
Participates: Faye Bruckschen, Donald Lhotka, Tom Radtke, Theresa Rusten, John Mohr
Don Lhotka opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.
The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the November 15th meeting. Tom Radtke motioned to approve, Donald Lhotka second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Ben Madsen, McLeod County Sheriff’s office was present. He will be the township liaison.
Doug Portele was present and asked if all township roads were graveled. Don Lhotka stated that there were certain areas that were not graveled. If they weren’t graveled this year they will be in 2018.
Tim Ellis approached the board about installing an 60 ft, 8” tile under Koala on his property. Tom Radtke asked Mr. Ellis if he would consider installing a double walled tile. Mr. Ellis ensured the board it would be double walled. John Mohr instructed Mr. Ellis it is his responsibility to ensure the road is in good shape after the tiling. John Mohr stated to provide a 30 day notice prior to tiling. Tom Radtke motioned to approve the tiling, John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Gale Hoese, representing Security Bank & Trust, was present to talk about current interest rates for CD’s and savings account. The board also talked with him about the bond with Wells Fargo. The board discussed options for investments.
The board informed Paul Stifter of the status of the culvert on his property. They also discussed the culvert on Garden Ave. Tom Radtke gave Paul Stifter the paperwork needed to start the process of lowering the tile in question. Tom Radtke informed him that he did get elevation shots from the county. He stated that the culvert was dropped already 1 foot with no paperwork trail. Tom Radtke stated that Mr. Stifter could complete the paperwork and submit it but the township will not be signing off on it because of the wetland property involved. Another option the concerned property owners could do is bore under an existing culvert and it would be totally at the cost of the property owners. The board did request that Mr. Stifter inform the board if/when it would take place.
WM Muellers repaired the stretch on 137th by Spruce Ridge Landfill by removing the tar and replacing with class 5.
The culvert placements on 145th are still in process. Tom Radtke will talk with the property owners about the culverts that are there. He also suggested that the approach should get marked.
The board discussed the bridge needed on Koala and the current detour situation.
2018 ReOrg meeting is scheduled for January 10 at 6:30PM
John Mohr motioned to reschedule the February 14th regular meeting to February 7th at 7:00. Tom Radtke second the motion, motion unanimous. Theresa Rusten will send the fire contracts to the board to review before 2018.
2018 Board of Audit is scheduled for February 7th following the regular meeting.
Theresa Rusten requested the approval of having Schad,Lindstrom Acct. prepare W2’s. John Mohr motioned to approve, Don Lhotka second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Faye presented the treasurer’s report for month ending Nov., 2017.
John Mohr motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Tom Radtke motioned to review/pay claims. John Mohr second. Motion unanimous
Don Lhotka motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:50, John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous.