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Month: October 2017

2017 October

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Rich Valley Township
October 11, 2017
Participants:  John Mohr, Donald Lhotka, Theresa Rusten, Faye Bruckschen, Tom Radtke
Don Lhotka opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.
The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the Sept. 13, 2017 meeting. Tom Radtke motioned to approve/John Mohn second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Road & Bridge
Mary & Paul Stifter approached the board with an issue about a flood issue on their property. Mr. Stifter brought up tile intake problems they face with water backup on their property. Mr. Stifter presented photos of his property and it’s condition on Thursday. He also presented a photo of culvert under Garden avenue. Mr. Stifter talked to Mr. Frietag about this flow. The board reviewed a letter presented to the Stifters on what actions need to take place by the township to move forward to repair the issue.
At that the township level, DonLhotka motioned to purchase and install an 18” culvert for under his driveway and also clean up the ditch. John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Mr. Stifter wants the next step to be to lower the culvert under Garden. Theresa Rusten will look at the application process through the Wetland Conservation Act to start this process.
Tom Radtke to contact Joe Neaton Contracting to install the 18” culvert, John Mohr second the motion. Motion carried.
Tom Radtke will also have Joe Neaton, NBW Contracting look at the culvert situation on 145th street.
The board reviewed the WM Mueller proposal for a 3 year contract for Winter snow removal/sanding.
• Sanding truck w/plow & wing – $145 hr
• Blade w/ plow & wing – $145 hr
• Sand truck to spread chips – $100 hr
• Limestone chips – $28 per ton
Don Lhotka motioned to aprove/John Mohr second the motion. Tom Radtke abstained. Motion carried.
Don Lhotka stated that there was a lot of trouble this year cutting ditches. Tractor problems and equipment problems. New parts were ordered for the tractor.  The township ditches are completed.
John Mohr will follow up with Cindy Schultz on the non conservation land memo that the township received.
Payment plan was received from the City of Glencoe for the Gl Fire dept. for an equipment hauler. As of today this purchase has been put on hold from the Glencoe City Council. The board will also be reviewing our fire contracts. The board will revisit fire service agreements in November.
Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending 9/30/2017.
John Mohr motioned to approve the treasurer’s report/Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Fay Bruckschen received a letter from the McLeod County 4H.
Don motioned to pay the bills, John Mohr second. Motion unanimous.
Don motioned to adjourn at 8:45, John Mohr second. Motion unanimous.