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2017 September

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Rich Valley Township
September 13, 2017
Don Lhotka opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.
Meeting minutes from the Wed. Aug 9, 2017 , Regular Meeting were reviewed by the Supervisors.  Tom Radke motioned to approve the meeting minutes, John Mohr second the motion.  Motion unanimous.
Road & Bridge
• 130th Street Culvert – culverts were dropped off – Don Lhotka said he spoke with Ken Polifka on when it will be started. This project is next on his list. Invoice details for GL Township’s portion of culverts discussed. Theresa Rusten will prepare the invoice and mail to GL Township Clerk.
• 137th – by Landfill – culverts dropped off – will be done after 130th project.
• 160th road condition review by Kurt Schulz residence and the relocation of the mailbox. John Mohr discussed the situation. Kurt Schulz was present and stated that he has no objection in moving the mailbox. He stated that it can be removed immediately. He stated that he will contact the board once it is decided if / when new tenants/owners will occupy that property. John Mohr talked to the post office and they are not opposed to moving it either because of the safety issues with its location. Once it is relocated we will need to decide how to take care of the road conditions.
Board members discussed the documentation regarding property owners tiling across the road and how to handle in future. Tom talked to John Brunkhorst regarding how the county handles it. He stated that property owners go to the website and everything is on line. Don Lhotka suggested a policy be created stating that we need 60 day notice. The board discussed policy vs. ordinance and specifics. The board will revisit this again in October.
Who is responsible? Tom discussed this too with John Brunkhorst, McLeod County. For replacement costs, the 1st effort is unplug it. If it is deemed damaged beyond repair, the county replaces.
The board discussed the culvert issue on 145th street. If the old culvert/placement is creating the problem, it should get dug up and another approach/culvert get placed in. Don Lhotka motioned that the township purchase a 15” x 40’ culvert for Leonard Blazinski property and they will be responsible for the cost of installing it. Tom Radtke second the motion. Donald Lhotka will talk to Ken Mathews Excavating about digging out east/west ditch by that property.
The board discussed the culvert situation on Emme’s property. Don Lhotka will go and discuss with Mr. Emme that we cannot change the elevation of an existing culvert.
Fall weed/ditch cutting
The board discussed who would be responsible for it. The board passed resolution 91317 stating that Don Lhotka will cut ditches for the township.  Tom Radtke motioned to hire Don Lhotka to cut township ditches, John Mohr second the motion. Motion carried with Don Lhotka abstaining.
Board passed resolution 913172 stating that John Mohr would assist with the ditch cutting as needed. Don Lhotka motioned to hire John Mohr for ditch cutting assistance, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion carried with John Mohr abstaining.
Donald Lhotka and John Mohr will complete affidavits.
Chad Bandas provided a Hall/Cartway snow removal bid. $64 per hour for cartway/ hall quoted at $38 per hour. Don Lhotka  motioned to approve the cartway/hall snow removal bid, John Mohr second the motion.  Motion unanimous.
The contract for snow removal with WM Muellers expires in 2017. Don Lhotka will contact WM Muellers for a 2 year snow removal quote with the same specs as 2015.
Monday, Sept. 25, Fall Township Assoc. Meeting  @ 7:30 PM – South Ballroom, Glencoe City Center
Don Albrecht email – County Board Mtg
Non-conservation land memo from county – John Mohr will discuss this with Cindy Schultz.
Glencoe Fire Dept. held a meeting regarding new fire rescue truck on Aug. 31.
Treasurers Report
Faye presented the treasurer’s report for month ending 8/31/2017.  John Mohr motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.
Claims & Disbursements
Tom Radtke motioned to approve/pay claims, John Mohr second.  Motion unanimous.
John Mohr motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 PM, Tom Radtke second.  Motion unanimous.