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2017 August

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Rich Valley Township
August 9, 2017
Participants:  Faye Bruckschen, Tom Radtke, Don Lhotka, Theresa Rusten, John Mohr
Don Lhotka opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.  The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the July 19th Regular meeting. John Mohr motioned to approve the minutes, Tom Radtke second the motion.
The board reviewed the updated quotes received from True North and approved the costs needed for the 130th culvert project.
137th Culvert apron needed– Tom Radtke motioned to approve the purchase of an apron from True North needed for the 137th culvert, John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous
John Mohr motioned to have Ken Polifka repair the culvert on 137th after the 130th project, Tom Radtke second the motion, motion unanimous.
Tom Radtke received a bid for reclaiming/repairing the road in front of the landfill from Mueller’s.
The quote is to remove the existing bituminous in the 470’ x24’ area (approx.. 5” depth) and dispose of the excavated material & to furnish & place class 5 gravel. The cost would be $9600.00 and an addt. Cost of $480.00 per load of additional material. John Mohr motioned to approve this cost, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Krcil’s would like to tile across the road on 170th. The section between County Rd 2 & Garden. Don Lhotka motioned to approve the tiling, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
John Mohr stated that the road by Kurt Schultz’s  is always a problem. John Mohr feels that the mailbox is in a poor position and relocated. John Mohr will talk with Kurt Schulz about mailbox location. We will review at the next meeting.
Don Lhotka looked at the culvert by Allen Emme who would like the culvert raised. Don Lhotka stated that would not solve the problem. He stated the culvert is in running condition. The board tabled that situation.
Theresa Rusten presented to the board options for policies for property owners who would like to tile across township roads. The board will review the documentation and will discuss this at the next meeting.
The board discussed culvert installation and replacement. Cost share replacement responsibility was discussed. The board will revisit at the Sept. meeting.
The board discussed the culver situation on 145th street. Tom Radtke didn’t have a chance to look at it and will review.
The board reviewed a draft resolution authorizing a contract with interested officers.
Luca – the township will not be registering to participate.
Treasurer’s report for month ending 7/31/2017
• General – $278,593
• R & B – $607,421
• Landfill Abatement – $709,723
• Savings – $581,966
• Bond – $1M
• Expenses – $43,106
• Deposits – $50, 022
John Mohr motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
John Mohr motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 PM, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.