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Rich Valley Township
July 19, 2017
Donald Lhotka opened the meeting at 7:00 PM. The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the June 14th regular meeting. John/Tom
Mike & Maggie Becker approached the board for a conditional use permit for utilizing existing buildings for storage rental. The board also discussed sign protocol with them for when they want to advertise. Donald Lhotka motioned to approve the CUP, John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending June 30, 2017
General – $291,418
R & B – $576,917
Landfill Abatement – $720, 105
Savings – $581,947
Bond- $1M
Total expenditures – $186,855
Total revenue- $82,613
Tom Radtke motioned to approved the treasurer’s report, John Mohr second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Theresa Rusten & Faye Bruckschen will bring more information to the board in August regarding the appointment of a deputy clerk & deputy treasurer.
Faye Bruckschen, Donald Lhotka & Tom Radtke have new email addresses. Township information should be sent to:
The board discussed Don Albrecht’s email and his concern for the counties assessment fee schedule.
137th Street
There is a new culvert on 137th by the Millerbrendt property with no apron and now we have a wash out situation. Tom Radtke feels that we should add an apron and rip rap on the other side of the road.
John Mohr motioned to repair, Tom Radtke second. Tom Radtke will be ordering the apron
for the repairs.
Theresa Rusten reminded the board about the milling needed on ¼ mile on 137th. Tom Radtke reminded the board that we can use abatement funds to do this repair. Tom Radtke suggested to the board about using a reclaimer for this but there isn’t enough tar remaining to do this process.
The board discussed removing the tar and replacing it with class 5. Tom Radtke will contact Muellers on completing the job.
130th Street Culvert
Glencoe Township Supervisors – Mike Keenan, Duane Haag, & Bruce Bargmann were present to discuss the culvert replacement needed on 13th street.
Tom Radtke informed the board about inlet/outlet elevation evaluation from the county. The boards agreed that the replacement culvert will remain the same size.
Bruce Bargmann stated that Ryan Frietag didn’t see a problem with changing the inlet/outlet location. He stated that the water flow would not change. As far as all the extra fill needed, the Glencoe board stated that Chad Hoese the property owner will be responsible for that.
Tom Radtke suggested shooting an elevation on the north side and Bruce Bargmann agreed.
Chad Hoese will want to add on another 80 feet to the south side of 130th (Glencoe Township).
The boards discussed apron and culvert types. The board discussed that Rich Valley Township will initiate the purchase. The boards agreed that the total cost for the project be split 50/50. Glencoe Township will take care on invoicing Chad Hoese for his portion of the project.
The boards discussed what vendor to go through for the culvert.
The boards would like it on record that the extended portion of the culvert being placed & purchased by the property owner on the south side, will be the sole responsibility of the property owner for all future maintenance needs.
• 130th Culvert Specification from True North
(1)160 ft – 48” spiral 12 gauge galvanized
(3) 48” x 2 Band
(2) 48” Flared End Sections
Theresa Rusten will send these specifications to TrueNorth Steel for another written quote and forward to Mike Keenan,, Glencoe Board.
• 130th Culvert Installation
The boards discussed (2) quotes for installation from Ken Polifka and Ken Mathews.
The total quote for the project from Ken Excavation is $14107.00. Don Lhotka motioned to hire Ken Excavation /Bruce Bargmann second the motion. Motion unanimous between both boards.
Bruce Bargmann will contact Ken Excavation to let him know that he will be doing the project.
• 130th Culver Installation Timeline
Both boards agree that the project should be completed by the end of September, 2017.
Garden Ave Culvert – Krcil request
During weed inspection this culvert was reviewed. Tom Radtke did say that he does not agree with dropping that culvert down. He stated that the culver isn’t in bad shape. John Mohr will look at the situation and the board will revisit at the August 9th meeting.
The board discussed residents putting in tile and cutting through our roads. Theresa Rusten will put together a inquiry letter to the MAT attorney’s.
John Mohr brought up the wash out condition on by 160th street in front of Kurt Schulz property. Board members will take some time to look at the situation and it will be revisited at August 9th meeting.
John Mohr brought up the culvert by Allen Emme’s property on 160th that is in bad shape and not flowing correctly. Board members will take time to look at that culvert and revisit at the August 9th meeting.
John Mohr suggested that a load of gravel be placed on the culvert on 160th. Don Lhotka will contact Muellers to place more gravel on this location.
John Mohr stated that he would like to see more weed control in the township. Theresa Rusten will put together a generic resolution form to use for future minor road projects which will state that with board agreement, a Supervisor will be able to complete minor projects for the township. Supervisors completing these minor projects will also need to complete an advidavit.
Rita Sanchez contacted Don Lhotka about a culvert situation on 145th street. He stated that the 2 culverts should be replaced. The board will review and discuss at the August 9th meeting.
John Mohr motioned to pay the bills, Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Don Lhotka motioned to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM. Tom Radtke second the motion. Motion unanimous.