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2017 April

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Rich Valley Township
April 12, 2017
Participants:  Faye Bruckschen, Don Lhotka, Tom Radtke, John Mohr, Theresa Rusten
The board reviewed the March 8th meeting minutes.  Tom/John
Butch Heupenbecker approached the board to discuss the ditch situation on Garden.  There is a lot of build up of field soil in the ditches and it needs to pushed back onto the field.  Donald Lhotka will contact WM Muellers for a quote on blading the soil back into the field.
The board reviewed the two written quotes for gravel, one from WM Mueller Sons, one from Hansen Gravel.
• WM Mueller
$11.09 per CY LV – $11.85 per CY ($11.09 + .76 sales tax) for residents
• Hansen Gravel
$13.10 per CY – same price for residents + tax.
The board discussed the pit locations and will be adding the location of the pit in next year’s quote notice.
Don Lhotka motioned to hire Wm Muellers, John Mohr second the motion.
Charlie Guerrero contacted Theresa Rusten to inform her the Envirotech will not work with residents to spray their driveways.  The board discussed that the contractor is not obligated to provide this service to residents.  This will be discussed again when compiling next year’s dust coating specifications.
Both Don Lhotka & Tom Radtke reviewed the bridge report.  An observation was that the photos provided in the report were from 2014.  The board expressed concern over old photos being used in these reports.  Bridge photo from the Bear Creek L9893 bridge shows an obstruction with debris which was cleared off and taken care of.  Theresa Rusten will contact John B. from the county with their concern over the cost of inspections and find this unacceptable.
Don Lhotka and John Mohr inspected a 4×60 culvert on the west side on130th by Delmer Schmidts resident.  It will need to be replaced.  Don Lhotka suggested adding an 10ft angled addition.  The board will be reviewing the culvert quotes and reaching out to the Glencoe Township Supervisors for a repair plan.    Don Lhotka also informed the board that Chad Hoese would like an extension.  Tom Radtke expressed concern over the water flow and that we should get input from the county.  The board will be discussing this situation again at the May meeting.
The board discussed the clean up week card and the costs for tire disposal.  Faye Bruckschen will provide costs for tire disposal from Spruce Ridge Landfill.
Internet service has been  cancelled
Hall rental contract will be discussed at the next meeting.
The board members will be discussing township email addresses. Theresa Rusten will tie in with the website.
Theresa Rusten distributed mileage logs for the board to use for 2017.
The board discussed supervision of projects being done.  Tom mentioned that Don keep track of where gravel gets dumped.
Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending March, 2017.
John Mohr approved report, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion carried.
Theresa Rusten will contact our township attourney to set up a special meeting to discuss finance opportunities.
Tom Radtke worked the county on blading 4 miles of township roads prior to dust coat.  They don’t have problem doing it with some lead time.   Tom Radtke motioned to hire the county at $110.00 ab hour on 160th & 180th to blade and pack right before dust coating.  John Mohr second the motion.  Motion carried.
Don Lhotka motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM, John Mohr second.  Motion carried. .