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2017 March

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MAR 10, 2017
Rich Valley Township
Regular Meeting
March 8, 2017
Board Members Present:  John Mohr, Tom Radtke, Don Lhotka, Theresa Rusten, Faye Bruckschen
The board reviewed the meeting minutes from the February meeting.  John Mohr/Tom
2017 Dust Coating Sealed Bid Review
Three bids were received.
• Enviroment – 30 % Magnesium Chloride – .835 gal
• Central – 30% Magnesium Chloride – .84 gal
•                  33% Magnesium Chloride – .92 gal
• NSI – 38% Calcium Chloride – .905 gal
Motion made by Don Lhotka to go with Envirotech at .835 per gallon, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion carried.  Tom Radtke will contact Envirotech.
Fonda Schuetz, 13723 Garden Ave, approached the board asking what the criteria is for putting a small business sign on her property.   The board also suggested she go 33 feet from the center of the road and to the McLeod Zoning office.  Also to call utility companies.
2017 Gravel
The board discussed the need for as much gravel as we have been putting on the roads.  Theresa Rusten will be putting in a written quote notice stating the following:
Rich Valley Township will receive written quotes for hauling and laying 5000 cubic yards, more or less, of class 5 gravel, not to exceed 8% of 200 screen clay or binder mix, on Rich Valley Township roads.  The bid should include the cost to grade immediately after gravel is dropped.  Job is to be completed by May 26, 2017.  In addition, the Township Board requests the winning contractor sell and deliver gravel to any Rich Valley township resident who wishes to purchase gravel at the same cost (with tax).  The contractor will work directly with the resident for this service and for payment.  Gravel price should be good until September 1, 2017.
Quotes should be submitted by April 12, 2017 and will be reviewed at the scheduled regular meeting.
The board reviewed the McLeod County bridge inspection report for the 4 bridges in Rich Valley Township.  Tom Radtke will review the report and bring any actions needed to the board’s attention at our April meeting.
The board reviewed the township newsletter that will be mailed at the end of March.
John Mohr brought up serving a lunch at the annual meeting. Motion made by Don Lhotka to provide refreshments for the annual meeting residents, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.
The board discussed the MBA Life Insurance policy.  John Mohr motion to approve the MBA renewal of life insurance for our board member at the Silver level of $160.00 per board member, Don Lhotka second the motion.  Motion carried.
Theresa Rusten brought up lawncare service.  Theresa Rusten will contact Vik’s lawn service for a quote for 2017.
Theresa Rusten will be canceling the Northband internet service in the hall.
The board discussed the roof leak.  Don Lhotka will be checking into when we get rain.
Faye presented the treasurer’s report.  Tom Radtke and John Mohr will be discussing finance options with the township attourney’s and will revisit at the April meeting.   Theresa Rusten will compile 2016 Wells Fargo statements.
Tom/John motioned to approve treasurer’s report.  Motion approved.
John Mohr motioned to pay the bills, Tom Radtke second the motion.  Motion unanimous.
Tom Radtke motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 AM.  John Mohr second.  Motion unanimous.