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Month: June 2014

2014 June

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Rich Valley Township
Special Meeting – Building/Shed Addition
June 30, 2014
Board Members Present: Rodney Schmidt, Don Lhotka, Bob Novak, Theresa Rusten
Bob Novak opened the meeting at 7:00 PM
Approximately 9 residents were present.
Bob Novak informed the residents that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss shed/building options.
He informed them that right now we are looking for input.
Bob Novak stated that an option size of a shed that we are looking at adding 50×46, keeping it under the 2400 square feet shed so no conditional use permit would be required.
The group discussed the future plans of additional equipment as this should be a factor in the building size and options.
Bob Novak informed those present that the township does now own a tractor and will be adding a mower. Temporarily the tractor is being stored at Mr. Novak’s residence at no cost.
Bob Novak informed the residents of an estimated quote for 50×40, heat, cement & insulated for ~$50,000 and that would not include the cost of land.
Bob Novak also informed the group that we can rent to store the tractor. He said there are options available for this. At this time he does not have any rental quotes to share with the residents.
Options discussed:
• Basic sized ‘shell’ shed to store the tractor on the township property
• Renting Silver Lake’s city shed or other private rental options
• Adding the shed right on to the township building
• Purchasing property to put up a shed
Residents have requested a long range plan with figures. Also are asking for building details as rental costs/locations, maintenance/insurance/security costs for a shed, itemized quotes for a shed along with shed types.
Motion made by Rodney Schmidt to adjourn the meeting, Bob Novak second the motion. Motion carried.

2014 June

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Rich Valley Township Meeting
June 11, 2014
The board reviewed the meeting notes from the May 14, 2014 meeting. Rodney Schmidt motioned to approve the meeting minutes, Don Lhotka second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Faye Bruckschen presented the treasurer’s report for month ending May 31, 2014.
General – $487,644.70
R & B – $286,255.53
Landfill Abatement – $555,802.62
Wells Fargo 3134 -$500,000
Wells Fargo 3130 – $500,000
Savings – $528,011
May Expenses – $25,495.31
May Revenue – $42,266.42
Total Balance = $2,857,714.15
Don Lhotka motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Bob Novak second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Election Judge Schedule
Bob Novak – all day, both primary & general
Rodney Schmidt – all day, primary & will get back on general
Faye Bruckschen – all day, primary & general
Other judges to schedule will be:
Roy Tupa
Wade Halvorson
Julie Halvorson
Cara Halvorson
Bob Novak gave a cleanup week update regarding the recyclable pick up. Mr. Novak figured approximately 8 loads. Next year there will be more clarification on what is considered a recyclable pick up item and the quantities.
Don Lhotka gave a gravel report. One of the comments was that the trucks were hauling very slowly. Don Lhotka said that the quality of the gravel was very good.
Rodney Schmidt gave a dust coating update. Rich Valley is on schedule for the week of June 30th.
Bob Novak would like to set up an informational meeting regarding a shed addition.
Donald Lhotka brought in a quote from Melsha Construction to rebuild a portion in section 14 of 160th street. Bob Novak will be getting another quote for the same portion.
The board discussed some culverts that may need some repair.
Rodney Schmidt motioned to pay the bills, Don Lhotka second the motion. Motion unanimous.
Rodney Schmidt motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 PM, Bob Novak second the motion.